What is Google Keywords Planner – Best for Keyword Research

Google Keywords Planner Tool: Today we will learn what is Google Keywords Planner Tool and what can we do to do keyword research. Also, today we will learn about all the benefits of the Google Keywords Planner Tool step by step.

As we all know, it is very important to write a blog post to run a blog or website. If you want to write a post on the blog, then it is useless to write a post without research SEO and without keywords.

The brother who is a blogger and writes a blog, whether, in Hindi or English, it is mandatory to do SEO and research to write a blog post.

We create a blog quickly but we forget that keyword research is also something without which blogging can never be successful.

Right now you are reading this post of ours, it means that you also have to learn to target keywords and you also want to become a successful blogger.

All the information about Google’s most useful tool “Google Keywords Planner Tool” for doing Keyword Research will be given to you step by step in Hindi on the MeharTech blog.

How To Use Keyword Planner

As we all have created a blog in blogger so that we can get some income from it and we can get some help in life, that’s why we all make a blog today and write posts after working very hard on it.

Content management is the biggest thing in the field of blogging, which it is understood that blogging will seem easy. Blogging is not the work of any children and blogging is not a too hard word, you like it according to interest.

If you are interested in blogging and it is your objective to brighten the name of the entire country abroad through blogging, then you will find blogging easy.

Conversely, if you have come to blogging just to earn money, then tell you that blogging is considered a thing of passion. Here, one has to think about what our reader and follower likes and is not in any shortcut blogging field.

Suppose your income is going to be received after 1 year only because you can take AdSense approval in a month. But the blogger takes about 1 year to the target audience to generate traffic or to rank the blog.

That too, you have to do a lot of hard work and smart work in this field, but once you succeed in ranking the blog, then there is no problem going forward. Smartwork is very important in blogging career. In blogging career, you need to learn and experience SEO and many things.

But tell you that this blogging experience is not going to get you anywhere, you have to create a blog on your own and do research on it, it is not necessary that you will succeed in the first time itself.

The most important thing in the field of blogging is to understand things and tasks well.

But today we will talk about why it is important to use the google keywords planner tool. If you all want to write SEO friendly post, it gives a lot of benefits, we will get high CPC in Google Adsense and our income increases. A good keyword blog can rank your blog in google search engine and this also increases our domain score. All of you must be well aware of domain score and you will also know how important role Domain Score provides for blog ranking.

From today, to write an article of all blog posts, first of all, write a blog post by doing research on Google Keywords Planner Tool because no matter how much you write the article is not going to rank. With Google Keywords Planner Tool, we provide information about CPC, Search Volume, Competition, Bid, etc. for free.

With Google Keywords Planner Tool, we can find High Searches Keyword for Youtube or Blog and use it in our article, without using the best keyword tool, it is very difficult to find keywords.

What is Google Keywords Planner Tool

Google Keywords Planner Tool is a type of keyword research tool which is Google’s free product, meaning that no amount is demanded in using Google Keywords Planner Tool.

You can create an account on Google Adword through your Email ID for free, after that, you can easily use Google Keyword Planner. In this free tool, by doing many types of filters, you can increase the traffic of the blog by searching for the keyword in your article.

Also tell you that there are many more tools available to do Keyword Research for free, but in today’s post, in this post only you will talk on Keyword Planner. It will be available in the article, you are requested to follow our blog now through your email so that whenever I publish a new article, you will get its information.

With the help of the Google Keywords Planner Tool, you can search for a keyword targeting any country because it is a tool created by Google, so it gives absolutely accurate information about keyword research.

Next, you will know what are the benefits of the Google Keywords Planner Tool.

Benefits of Use Google Keywords Planner

Hearing the advantages of Google Adword Keywords Planner, you will not believe that there are really so many benefits in anyone free tool. But it is 100% true that the benefits of Use Google Keywords Planner tool are the most important tool for bloggers, which is very easy to find keywords.

  • Using this gives correct identification of the keyword
  • With this tool, it shows that the keyword you are checking is a keyword or not.
  • Keyword Planner also shows how much the search volume of any particular keyword is
  • Keywords Planner also shows how much competition is in the particular keyword.
  • This SEO tool also shows how many days you can rank in google by working on the keyword
  • The Keywords Planner Tool also shows that the keyword that you are working on, whether or not that keyword will ever rank in Google or what is the% chance to rank it.
  • This keyword tool also shows that how much CPC is the keyword and CPC of the keyword you are checking, how many dollars will be earned on a click on that keyword
  • Using Google Keywords Planner Tool also shows which keyword is related to the keyword on which it is research and which is a powerful keyword.

How To Create a Google AdWords Keywords Account

Step 1: First of all, you have to type in Google Serch Bar, Google Adword Planner or Google Keyword Planner or you can go to google ad’s website by clicking here also below.

Step 2: After that click on Go To Keyword Planner, fill all your details and login with your email id.

Step 3: After login with Email ID, a Google Ad page will be open in front of you, which will say “All campaigns in the top heading. You must have written TOOLS & SETTING right in front of it.

Step-4: By clicking on TOOLS & SETTING, a subpage will open, in that small we will get an option in the “Planning” row, “Keyword Planner” has to click on it.

Step 5: After that, a page will be open again, you just have to go ahead by clicking “Get Started” and clicking the arrow.

Step 6: You have to click on Get Started by agreeing to all the pages, after which a page will be open again, in which you have to click on “Discover new keyword”.

Step 7: After that, the Dashboard of Final Google Keyword Planner will open in front of you, where you have to put your keyword on “Try meal delivery or leather boots”. Then click on “Get Result”.

Now in front of you, the entire birth chart of the keyword means that all the details of the keyword will be in front of you.

Of which the keyword of Keywod will be in the first column and search volume (Monthly) in the second column, after which it is given about competition and then revenue.

After that, now you should check your keyword and write an article so that you can earn good money from the blog. Hopefully, your Google Keywords Planner Tool account will be ready, we have told you all step 1 by 1 and step by step in New Update. Next, you will know how to work in it in Hindi.

How to research keywords with Keyword Planner

Now doing keyword research in it means that choosing the targeted keyword is not a very difficult task. Because all the information is given in that planner tool, you just need to understand a little bit.

Now you have to think of a keyword in your mind from which to write a related article, past that keyword in google AdWord and get all the details quickly.

Keep in mind that if the blog is new now, do not work on the keyword with high competition because if you have to make a good backlink in the domain authority and blog of your blog then only you can rank on the keyword with the high keyword.

It will be better than this that you only have to work on the keyword with low competition if the website or blog is new.

If you write an article on the keyword with high competition in the new blog, then the blog is never going to rank because a lot of bloggers must have worked for it already.

To rank the blog quickly, you always have to focus and target the keyword which is searching good and proper and will try to bring organic traffic to your blog in the right way.

Because the blogger’s man earnings can only be obtained from organic traffic, which he can visit on any topic of his choice and on any blog according to his needs, then stops at that page and reads well.

If you like the information, then the users also tell their friends by sharing in social media and I want to tell you if you have written my post on Keywords Research Kaise Kare Keywords Planner Se, in which I have brought all my experiences to you. If you liked this article a little, then definitely tell your friends and share it on your social media account/page.


We hope I have tried to answer all your questions and have told you all the information related to Google Keywords Planner Tool in the newly updated website.

How did you like our article and if you still have any questions in your mind, then we will definitely tell us in the comments box. Thank you for always welcome on this blog.

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