What is RAM (Random Access Memory) | Basic Definition of RAM

Do you know what RAM (Random Access Memory) does in a computer, do you know what RAM is, then today we will know what RAM is, and how RAM is used. This article will prove to be good for people who run computers and who need information about computers.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)
What is RAM (Random Access Memory)

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)

The full form of RAM is “Random Acces Memory” which stays on the motherboard of the computer’s CPU. RAM is like a small long socket that is inserted into the CPU using a clip. RAM is also called Primary Memory.

Nowadays, understanding RAM is not a difficult question because whenever there is a matter of buying or selling a Smartphone or Computer. RAM is used for common questions

Because nowadays RAM is also available on mobile from 8 GB to 16 GB. There was a time when 512 GB RAM was given on mobile. Probably no one would know about RAM at that time.

In modern times, RAM is not a new name because today it is digital, there is no need to tell everyone about RAM and more and more technology.

Because nowadays children wake up in the morning with a mobile and also sleep with mobile. What I mean is that at bedtime, one also sleeps using a mobile or computer and when the world is there, he sees mobile-first.

RAM is also called the main memory or primary memory because it stores all the work for some time when one works on a computer. When you start an application (software), then the application runs in front of your monitor by opening it in RAM first.

In short, RAM is the primary function of running all those applications. Because when that software is running, RAM is used while the application is working.

Any data in RAM remains until a device or computer is shut down. As long as the computer is running, that data stays in front of us, meaning that the RAM remains, so RAM is also called Volatile Memory.

You need to read about RAM only when you are a computer operator when you are a computer teacher or maybe you are a computer student who is studying a computer.

RAM information will be useful for you in many places such as in exam questions or while repairing any Computer PC or Assemble Computer System. Next, you will know what are the features of RAM.

What are the characteristics of RAM?

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM (Random Access Memory) which is completely different from the common storage which comes under the memory name, but it does not have a data store. Data stays in RAM (Random Access Memory) for a while until the computer shuts down.

If the computer is turned off and restarted again, the RAM (Random Access Memory) will look like new means that there will be no information in the RAM.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a primary memory and a computer can never be started without RAM.

If the RAM is not installed on the computer or the RAM is damaged on the computer then your computer system will never start. Because RAM is part of the CPU and it is impossible to use a computer without RAM (Random Access Memory).

RAM is installed in the CPU because RAM is a fragile thing in the computer, so whenever your computer’s RAM is removed or re-installed or cleaned RAM, it is necessary to be very cautious. Because RAM can degrade very quickly.

If it is broken somewhere, then also tell you that buying RAM can be a bit expensive. The price of 2 GB of computer RAM can be up to around ₹ 3000, which can be according to the company and product.

You should get RAM from a good and authorized shop because if you try to take one of your local markets, you can be given fake RAM.

There is no problem in taking RAM from anywhere, but whenever you buy a computer knowing that computer knowledge is available to the public, you can take it or buy RAM from an Authorized Company.

Some of the main RAM manufacturers sold in India are named as Corsair, Micron, OCZ, Mushkin, Kingston, Hynix, Transcend, Samsung, and Lenovo are also manufacturers of RAM (Random Acces Memory) which is considered to be a very good company.

RAM Type

There are two types of RAM (Random Acces Memory), first of which is SRAM and second is DRAM. But RAM also has a different generation.

What is SRAM?

The full name or flower form of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory indicating “Static” that RAM remains static. Also, tell you that SRAM acts as Cache Memory.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)
What is DRAM?

The full name of DRAM is called “Dynamic Random Access Memory” This type of RAM needs to be refreshed continuously, only then the data store remains in it.

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