What is Micro-Niche Blogging – Top 10 Micro-Niche Ideas

All of you are welcome, in today’s post in the blogging related website, you will tell what the micro-niche is. How to create a Micro-Niche website The top 10 ideas of micro-niche blogging will be told on which the website will be ranked in an easy way.

What is Micro-Niche Blogging
Micro-Niche Blogging

What is Micro-Niche Blogging

Micro-Niche Blogging is blogging where you write content on only one topic and one keyword. The website on which the content is written in only one way, where does that website go to Micro-Nich blogging website.

You can earn online money in very short from micro-niche blogging website and Micro low website gets ranked very quickly in Google, it does not have to do much SEO.

Never work too hard on a micro-niche blogging website. After writing more than 50 to 100 articles, the website is completed. After creating a micro low website, there is no need to update it daily, you only have to do hard work on the micro-niche blogging website for 6 months and then when that website continues to run, you will continue to earn.

Nowadays a lot of micro-niche blogging websites are running, so whoever has to earn money from blogging in a hurry, start from now to make micro-website below. What is needed to build a website of this type, all the information will be given in this post?

Take Knowledge of Blogging

To work on a micro low website, you should have special knowledge of website and blogging because you have to create a blog, blogging is a blogger, you can do it on WordPress. In today’s post, how to create a micro-niche blogging website on WordPress and how to create a micro-niche website in Blogger.

To get blogging ki knowledge, it is very important to know all the things about blog or website WordPress. Tell you that the micro-niche blogging website is a very good source for earning.

Because any kind of micro low website is created, all the posts on it remain the same. All posts are made on one topic, so the website gets ranked very quickly.

Therefore, micro-niche blogging should be made one by one because it gives quick benefit. The micro-niche blogging in the career of blogging is the best blogging for blogging.

It is important to know many things to make a micro-niche blogging website because if you want to earn money in the blogging micro-niche, then you need to know a lot in the blogging world.

Like what is a micro niche, how is micro-niche blogging? What are domain, what is hosting and many things which are successful ways to create a website? To create a micro niche website, follow all the below and create the best micro niche website.

  1. Find a Niche for micro-niche blogging
  2. Buy a domain
  3. Research Keywords ideas
  4. Seo Blog
  5. Hosting Purchased
  6. Create a Blog
  7. Do Technical Seo of micro-niche blogging
  8. Submit to Webmaster
  9. Monetize

Find Ideas for Micro-Niche Blogging

It happens in blogging that in blogging you can rank it by writing a post on any topic. But in micro low blogging, you have to find a very good keyword on which there are many searches on google.

A lot of traffic comes from the keyword niche from Google. Because in the micro-niche blogging you just have to hold on to the keyword on which the keyword or low you are working on.

In micro low blogging, you have to write very well posts. Because you can write a post on the same niche as much as possible.

Before creating a micro niche website, you must think about what content to write on it after creating a micro niche website. If possible, write 20 posts in advance and after creating the blog, update that post all in one day.

To make a career in blogging, you always have to be active 24 hours, do not know when the news comes and you have to update it on your blog website.

What is Micro-Niche Blogging

How to Purchase Domain

Any website name has to buy a domain to create its website identity and a website has to be linked with that domain.

Because when someone searches my website on google, that domain should be redirected to the website and open in good extension.

If the website’s domain name is good, then the website starts to grow very quickly, so before purchasing a micro-niche blog, definitely purchase a good domain.

Do not delay in making domain purchases, because you all will know that nowadays, many websites are being made in the whole world and the domains are being sold millions of crores in a day. If sold, buy your domain immediately in your domain.

Domain Purchases You can purchase a domain from GoDaddy or any other domain provider company. After that, by developing the website, link your domain to that website and your website will start to open in the same domain name.

How to Do Keyword Ideas Research

If you want to create a successful blogger and blog in the right way, then you should choose a very good and high search keyword. Research your micro-niche blogging topic a lot and any keyword you want to work on should be searched as much as possible in google.

How to do Keyword ideas Research? How to get Keyword Research? Follow your email.

Ideas for Microblog

4000 per month visitors should come on the selected keyword.
The competition of that particular keyword should be absolutely low only then your blog will rank more.
The CPC on the keyword you want to work on means that Cost Per Click should be good.

To do keyword research, you can use google keyword planner which will be given below and Semrush, google trend, Ahref, Alexa tool.

With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can do keyword research.

Google keyword planner is a very good keyword planner tool of google, that too for free. You can read the information about how to use Google keyword planner in our other posts.

With Google keyword planner you can find very good keywords because it is very important to do keyword research here.

SEO Blog

Blog means to create a micro-niche blog, you first have to SEO the blog after creating a blog. Blog SEO increases the ranking of the blog. If you want to rank Micro Niche Blog really quickly, then you have to do SEO of the blog very well.

Blog SEO includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO and high da pa backlink is to be made from a good website that comes in blog SEO. To make blog SEO strong, technical SEO of the blog also has to be done properly.

If you do not know how a website blog is ranked. How to do blog SEO Why is it important to do blog SEO. All the tips and tricks of Blog SEO are given in this post.

To do SEO of a blog, a lot of things have to be kept in mind, SEO is the first of the blog’s SEO is the technical SEO of the blog. Blog technical SEO includes blog title, blog description, blog meta tag, optimizing blog post SEO is included in SEO techniques.

Let me tell you that to do good SEO you have to write a unique and original article and with high-quality keyword

Do not forget to use all kinds of H1, H2, and H3 Heading in the written article, it is useful in blog SEO.

Write properly and proper keyword article and title, permalink, and article description in the article

Use the image in all the articles and should not forget to give an alt tag in all the images because all these things strengthen off-page SEO.

Submit Micro Niche Blog to Webmaster

Submitting to the blog ko webmaster tool is very important to get blog indexing correctly. Submitting a blog in Webmaster is very easy and easy.

Because very soon after the blog is created, submit that blog to the webmaster tool so that it gets indexed quickly and visitors start coming to your blog.

Google Webmaster tool is a very powerful tool, then it looks at the problem of all types of blogs and keeps reporting it from time to time, so it is impossible to rank any blog in webmaster without submitting.

If you want to get into the field of blogging, then you can start the journey of blogging by learning about your experience on all those things.

Today many people have come from blogging, blogging part-time is a boon for all students who study, micro-niche blogging is a boon by using this skill to earn a good income.


After creating a micro-niche blog, after doing all the things, monetization has to be done to earn the blog. So that the blog has to be earned, first of all, you should apply for the best Google Adsense to earn the blog.

What is Micro-Niche Blogging

If for some reason you do not get approval from Google Adsense, then you have many ad companies in which you can apply such as ad network, media.net and you can earn money from Flipkart or amazon affiliate program.

You can earn a considerable commission with Amazon Affiliate marketing. Flipkart Affiliate has been closed at the moment but you can earn a good income from amazon from your micro niche blog because if you work hard then you will definitely get success.


If you have got help from this post, then share it on your social media or you can also share it with any particular friends so that everyone gets the right information.

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