Launch iQoo 3 5G Smartphone – Full Specification and Price

Hello, all of you are welcome, on this site you will be told today about the full specification about iQoo 3 5G Smartphone. Tell you all that this Smartphone iQoo 3 has been launched in India.

Display of iQoo 3 5G Smartphone

iQoo 3 smartphone has a 6.44-inch display, this smartphone has E3 Super Display. This smartphone has a very good display. Also, tell you that the fingerprint of the new generation has been given in the display itself.

iQoo 3 5G Smartphone
iQoo 3 5G

The cooling technology of Carbon Fiber VC has been used in this smartphone. You all will know that when we have to run a smartphone or play a game, then our smartphone heats up very quickly.

For this reason, today’s mobile companies use such cooling technology to keep their smartphones cool. So that the smartphone is kept cool even in extreme heat.

As people would already know that PUBG runs very much on mobile nowadays, so these things have to be made.


This smartphone has been given four cameras, which is quite strong, with the first camera in this smartphone of iQoo 3 given for Bokeh Mode. The primary camera in iQoo 3 is 48 Mega Pixel that works with Sony’s sensors. Let me tell you that the third camera in iQoo 3 works for 13MP Telephoto and also comes with 20X Digital Zoom in this camera.

The iQoo 3 smartphone also has an Ultra-Wide camera which is 13 MP. The higher the specification, the more expensive this smartphone is.


In the Charger case, iQoo 3 is a very powerful smartphone that charges the phone quickly. This phone has a 4440 mAh battery. Fast charging of 55W has been given on this smartphone.

Let me tell you that the company claims that the smartphone charges 50% in just 15 minutes. This means that in about 40 minutes this smartphone can be full charged. Due to the 55W charger, this phone charges very quickly. iQoo 3 smartphone was said to be a good specification in many cases, but now it remains to be seen how this smartphone works. Is this smartphone called iQoo 3, what type is it.


The most amazing thing is that in iQoo 3, the Processor has been given very tremendously in it, which makes the phone much stronger and best performance. We have already told you. Talking about iQoo 3 smartphone which is a 5G based smartphone. This smartphone has a lot of specifications in very good quantities.

Let me tell you that Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 has been given in the iQoo 3 smartphones. This smartphone has a GPU of Adreno 650. The iQoo 3 is powered by the Kryo 585. Also, you should be told that LPDDR5 was given the latest RAM technology in it, which is considered to be quite a good processor. UFC 3.1 is also supported in this iQoo 3.

Before talking about the price of the iQoo 3 smartphones, let’s talk about its and some properties. Before buying this smartphone you have to think something because it is still new specification is the killer of iQoo 3 smartphone but only after using it you can know what is good and what is bad in it. At the moment, the phone looks good which is good, but only when it will be used can it be reviewed properly.

Let me tell you, we are not reviewing it yet, you may wish to take this phone. We will give our review only after a little use.

When will you get in the market

The first sale of this smartphone of iQoo 3 will be on 4 March 12 PM, which they can buy by clicking the link below.


iQoo 3 smartphone has been launched in 2 variants in the Indian market. You have 8 GB and 128 GB in the first variant. The price of which is ₹ 36,990. Now let’s talk about its second variant, which is 8 GB and 256 GB, the price of this variant has been given ₹ 39,990.

If you want an iQoo 3 smartphone, you can buy it on March 4, remember that it will come on sale at 12 noon.

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