How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) 2020 in India

In today’s post, today we will know what Domain Authority is, and how to do Domain Authority Increase.

Hopefully, we will always bring such blogging tips and tricks for you and will continue to provide quality content to all of you.

How to Increase Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority

Friends, my wish is that all of you should also become a blog like me and earn money online so that everyone can fulfill all the needs.

As you all will know that we have to become a blog to do online money earning, after creating a blog, we have to write content on it. Content quality should be excellent only then does any blog rank.

For any website to rank, it is mandatory to have a quality article and good backlink in the blog post of that website, so that the Blog Domain Authority Increase can be done easily.

Everyone creates a blog, but not everyone knows how to work on it because the smallest things are taken care of in ranking the blog.

How to Increase Domain Authority (DA)

What to Do After Creating a Blog?

After creating a blog, you now have to do the SEO of the blog, submit the blog in Directory Submissions. After creating a blog, how to optimize the blog, you have to know all the small and big things of the blog.

Today we are talking about how to increase domain authority (DA) 2020 in India, then you will know that domain is linked to blog by purchasing from any other domain provider in any website or blog separately.

What is Domain Authority?

How to Increase Domain Authority (DA)

When we link a domain to your blog and the web address at which the blog is open, as you can see, when searching by typing the address or name of the blog in any browser, your blog will open.

After the blog is open, the name that is in your browser’s URL is called Domain. It is not that you are reading this post and you do not know about the domain if you are reading this blog, it means that you have created a blog, and you want to rank your blog ko is.

What Does it Take to Rank a Blog?

To rank any blog, it is very important to increase its domain authority. Domain Authority Increase occurs when Domain Authority occurs. Through which Blog Par Backlink is created and Blog Ranked.

What website proffered any blog or how much backlink is created from your blog, when the backlink will be added from any other high DA PA blog, in our blog, Blog Domain Score Increase is called the Domain Authority.

If the domain authority of your blog is not correct, that means your blog is not getting a backlink from any good blog, then the Blog Domain Score does not increase. Due to the lack of Blog Domain Authority, the blog remains in Google Search Engine like this but does not rank.

Increasing Domain Authority is not enough for Ranking Blog, for this, Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) Increase have to be done, as well as SEO Score Increase of Blog.

How Important is a Domain to a Blog?

When creating a blog in Blogger, only the domain is needed but to create a blog in WordPress, hosting is required. So in today’s post, I will discuss both Blogger and WordPress on what is the best thing to make a blog.

For Blogger: To create a blog on Blogger, you have to first choose a Subdomain with exactly the same type of Subdomain with any Blogger template, as your Domain Name is taken or is thinking to take.

After that, after creating a blog, after doing all kinds of basic SEO on it, one has to download the SEO Friendly Blogger Template properly. After down lifting Template, you have to upload that template on the blog. If you do not know how to change Template in Blogger, you can know by clicking on the link given below.

For WordPress: To create a blog on WordPress, first, you need to buy both a domain and a hosting simultaneously. You can buy it from a different company if you want.

How to Add Domain and Hosting?

After buying Domain and Hosting, Hosting and Domain are linked together then install WordPress by going to Hosting C Panel. At the moment we can tell you that to make a blog on WordPress, a good Domain and Hosting purchase is required.

When purchasing hosting and domain, keep in mind that the Base Keyword of your Blog Topic should come in the domain, only then a successful blogger can be made, as well as tell you that you have to get hosting with a good server.

After that Domain Authority Increase is done. To increase the authority of the domain, you have to create a Backlink from a website with High DA PA.

How to Check the Spam Score Before Creating Backlinks?

It is very important to check the Spam Score of that particular website before Backlink Banane. If you take a backlink from a website with high spam, then your blog will also be considered as spam.

By clicking below, you can know that Spam Score Kaise Check Kare so that your website or blog does not get into spam. If anyone’s blog has more than 1% Spam Score, then Google stops making its response and stops that website or blog from being ranked or even gets ranked, then Google on such blog Belive does not.

How to Increase Domain Authority (DA)
How to Create Backlinks?

Click Here for Check Website Spam Score

On the topic of how to create a backlink, I will find another one separately, you can go to my blog and go to the Category with SEO and read all the posts.

What Can Be Learned From This Post Today?

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