What is Blog and How to Do Blogging | Blogging Guide 2020

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging: Earning money from the Internet raises a question in everyone’s mind. Can you really earn money from the internet? Can you earn money by blogging from the internet? We will know the answers to all these questions in this article today. Many people do not understand that money can also be earned from the Internet.

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging
What is Blog

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging

There is a lot of real ways to earn money on the Internet, but today we will discuss only Blogging, after reading this post today you will come to know right that only money is money on the Internet.

But it is not easy to earn money here because many other people like you have come before you who are working hard.

We are not saying that new bloggers cannot earn money, but here you need a lot of patience. After reading this post today, you can start making blogs from today itself.

Because today we are going to discuss all things like what is Blogging, what is Blogger and how to make a blog.

What is a Blog?

The blog is a website released by Google which is open all day for common people. Where you can create any type of Blog Free.

There is no charge for making a blog and at the same time, you make many things available for free. You will get the information in the following paragraphs.

The blog is a free Content Management website from where you can reach the world by writing content, and Google does not take anything from you in return.

Your traffic starts when traffic starts coming from Google Search Engine on your blog. So, if you want, you can make a blog for free now and earn millions in a month.

If you want to make a blog, then you have to choose a topic first so that you can explain things well. Like we share the post on Facebook and Instagram and people read that post.

The blog is the same way where you have to share Blog posts for the people of the whole world. You have to give such information which is very good for the people and any of your men learn and do something, it is called Blog.

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging | Blogging Guide 2020
How to Do Blogging

What is Blogging?

When we create a blog and publish content daily on that blog. When the logo keeps ongoing on our blog.

When people start getting to know our blog and the post which we do every day so that we can become our identity in Blogging World, then we call that identity as Blogging. Blogging can also be called a type of job or occupation.

What is Blogger?

Because a blogger is always looking for such information. What you and you need in your daily life. Let me tell you whenever you are wandering here and there to come up with any problem or answer to any question.

When we search for the answer to a question on Google, only a blogger helps us. He is a blogger who answers our questions very accurately and accurately.

Because when we search Google on a question, then someone’s blog article comes in front of us and we get an answer to that question.

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging | Blogging Guide 2020
Blogging Guide 2020

How to Blogging

Blogging is not a big deal if people inside you have some quality to learn. Because people learn something called Blogging and when people read your blog, you get a very good response in Blogging Career. Which your Blogging Career finds four moons. Your blog starts becoming famous.

When a large amount of traffic starts coming to our blog, then we monetize the blog from Google Adsense.

After monetize, ads start running on our blog and when someone comes to our blog and reads something. During that time, as many people come and read our blog, Google Adsense gives money to those who make blogs.

How to Make a Blog on Blogger

To create a blog on Blogger, you do not need to have anything else. You can create a blog simply by creating an email ID for free, for this, we have to go to Blogger.com.

Going there, we have to give the name of our blog and the identity of the blog, meaning SubDomain. Which you can later add to the domain by changing it. Then your blog will be redirected to the exact name with which you take the domain.

After creating a blog, do not have to start posting a direct blog on it, first, you have to customize the blog. One has to select a good theme and then add it to your blog.

The blog has to be well designed as much as possible. Blog’s SEO also has to be done so that the blog can rank in Google Search Engine.

How to Choose a Niche for Blogging

As we have told you above that in blogging, you should have a good knowledge of that thing. The topic on which to write a blog and more and more research has to be done on that topic.

Before selecting the blogging niche, keep in mind how often that keyword is searched in Google. If you work on the keyword without searching, then there is no benefit.

On the topic that you want to choose a Niche, you should have command on two things. First, you should have a lot of information on the topic that you are choosing. The second keyword that should be a good search on Google.

How is a Blog?

Posts: Nothing much happens in the Dashboard of Blog. After giving your information, tell us that the option of the first post remains in the dashboard of the blog.

In which you publish your blog post and write a blog post.

Stats: In Stats Option you have the option to analyze the traffic. In which you can see how many visitors come to your blog daily and how much traffic is there in the whole month. Also, you can also know how much traffic came on the whole day.

After that, there is the option of Comments, Earning, Pages, Layout, Theme, and Setting. You have to go through all of them in turn and understand all the options. Then all kinds of settings have to be done and then Basic Setting has to be done.

The description of the blog has to be added and your keyword has to be inserted in that description. Only then does any blog rank in Google’s search engine.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Blog

As we told that blog is free for all people, anyone can go and make a blog. Talking about the expenses incurred in the blog, if you want to create a blog, you have to buy only one domain on Blogger.

What is Blog and How to Do Blogging | Blogging Guide 2020
How to Do Blogging

If you want to buy a domain for a blog, then you can get maximum 600 / – to 700 / -. To build a blog in Blogger, it costs you only that much and after that, there is no cost.

What Did We Learn Today?

Friends, how is our post what is a blog and how to do blogging, in which you have been told about Blogger, Blogging, and Blog. To share this, share in social media.

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