How to Buy Best Web Hosting – What is Web Hosting

How to Buy Best Web Hosting: Do you also want to get your own web hosting, do you also have a website running on the Internet, or else do you also want to create a blog or website, then this article will prove very useful for you.

Buy Best Web Hosting
Buy Best Web Hosting

Because in this article today we will talk about what web hosting is, what are the types of web hosting, how to use web hosting and how to buy web hosting. In today’s article, we will also know which web hosting will be right for the website or blog.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a place where the content of website files such as HTML, Video, Audio, etc. is hosted. From where the user can access him in 1 click whenever he wants, it is called Web Hosting.

Web hosting is for those people who want to keep their website in Google, web hosting such as if a website has to be accessed, then we search on Google and web result appears in front of us.

Friends, let me tell you that this is because it gives us any result in the form of Google Result in front of us in a moment. Let me tell you how Google gives that result by searching Google.

Suppose we have created a website and hosted it on any server anywhere, whenever there is a need for files or any other information related to us on Google.

When we ask for our kind of information on Google, the kind of website we had created, then when we ask or search for our kind of information from the internet from Google, then we send a request to Google server which comes in the top result Google Brings to us, and we see the top 10 results.

Tell you that whenever Google brings the top 20 results about anything to us, then it is a matter of opinion that Google also takes this very thoughtfully.

Because of the kind of information you need, a lot of information is available on Google. Now how does Google bring the Top 10 Result out of all this information, there is a very big algorithm behind it.

Also, tell you that there is a change in Google’s Algorithm repeatedly and always tell you that Google can bring our results to the top page only when Google feels that there is something special in this article.

To rank in the top 10, Google also looks at who searches it, how much it does, and how much Response Time is active when Google sees that page to a client. By collecting information, Google shows the Top 10 Result.

Because it is against Google’s policy to rank a particular website through Google, Google includes the same web page in its top 10 results, whose website looks good.

To buy web hosting, it may take less than ₹ 5000 / – to ₹ 6000 / – because nowadays hosting has become very expensive for hosting the website.

Because that type of feature also gives you, that is why hosting companies launch their own hosting plans. There are many types of hosting plans, tell you that the more work you spend hosting for the day, the more money you will get.

So whenever you buy hosting, you should take a look at a good and cheap hosting plan as hosting help in ranking your website the most.

Disadvantages of Weak Hosting

Whenever you think of buying hosting, first you do not have to see the hosting plan of that company because whatever the plan, the hosting company must be right. If a hosting company offers hosting at a very low cost

But if its service is bad then there is no benefit to hosting like that. Hosting should be such that the uptime should be 99%, in which the hosting uptime of many companies is 99%. Before knowing how many types of hosting are there, you also need to know about the hosting up time so that you can understand something by looking at the hosting plans.

How to Check Hosting Service and What is Hosting Uptime?

What is Web Hosting
What is Web Hosting

Hosting Service: To know how good any hosting service is, that hosting company and its hosting plan includes you with Bandwith, Uptime, Web Space, and Customer Service.

What is Bandwith: Before buying a hosting it is necessary to check Bandwith because it is from Bandwith itself that the data exchange in this hosting means what is the speed of Data Transfer.

Data transfer is shown to the user according to the speed with which you take hosting. If you have less Bandwith plan and your website attracts more users, then your website will start working or sometimes the speed of the website becomes work.

Now let us tell you what can be the harm in taking a hosting plan with less bandwidth. By taking a Hosting Plan with less Bandwith, whatever Acces your website will do, it appears at a very low speed.

Due to which users may have to wait a long time. For this reason, users will not visit your website again because it takes more time to give your blog information.

What is Uptime: Uptime in hosting means that what percentage of the hosting company is available for the website you are going to upload to a hosting server.

If you talk directly, then tell you that uptime means that how long your site is available for 24 hours throughout the day. That is, how long the hosting stays connected to the Internet in 24 hours and the more time it stays connected to the hosting Internet, the more uptime it is. Most companies promise that their hosting gives 99% uptime and stays true.

What is Web Space: Hosting webspace means that how many GB of files you can host on that web server. Suppose we take hosting from any hosting company and buy 500GB of webspace.

Files up to 500 GB can be uploaded to that server. The option of Unlimited Web Space is also a relief in the premium plan of many hosting companies. If you want a bigger webspace, then you can buy a hosting plan with unlimited webspace.

Customer Support: Talking about Customer Support in Hosting, then tell you that Customer Support means that how long the hosting company Customer Service provides to you. Meaning that when there is a problem in your hosting, then in how long that hosting company can listen to your complaint and resolve it.

Types of Hosting

There are many types of web hosting, below which you will be told in the queue. Let me tell you that the type of hosting you take, you are given the same type of hosting service.

 What is Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting, as the name will be known, is a shared hosting, in which there is more than one website host, it is called shared hosting. Shared Hosting is considered to be a little lower in price and Hosting with a budget, in which the website can be hosted for working expenses.

If you talk about the benefits of Shared Hosting, then Shared Hosting becomes available to you at a cheaper price. You will know that when we come to do new blogging, we do not have much money to invest, so shared hosting is best for new bloggers.

VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting means that you provide a separate hosting that is called VPS Hosting, apart from private and absolutely all hosting.

VPS hosting is more secure and it is also a bit more expensive, and also tell you that this hosting has more speed and performance than shared hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting
What is Web Hosting
What is Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting service in hosting provides you with separate hosting as well as a separate server which is called Dedicated Hosting. In this type of hosting, there is no big problem even if you get a lot of traffic. It has the capacity to bear a lot of traffic. It is considered very secure, due to the server being separated, no server attack works on it easily.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud web hosting is considered to be the biggest and best and most secure web hosting. Let me tell you that cloud hosting has a great ability to withstand a lot of traffic. Many servers work together in this hosting and users never face any kind of problem. Also, tell you that cloud hosting is very expensive.

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