Google Pay Customer Care Number Toll-Free for Help

You all are welcome on your own website, in today’s article on Great Job Alert, about Google Pay and Google Pay customer care helpline number will be told. If you are facing any type of problem in any payment transaction, then you can know from here how to take help from Google Pay customer Care.

Google Pay Customer Care Number
Google Pay Customer Care

If you want, you can call or chat with Google Pay customer care, then solve all your problems related to Google Pay.

Google Pay Customer care Helpline Number

Google Pay is a payment application issued by Google. You can make any kind of payment from this application, as there is in Phone Pay and Paytm. The first name of Google Pay was Tez App but later Google changed its name to Google Pay.

As you all will know that Google Pay is an app issued by Google which Google monitors itself. So the security of this app increases even more, so let’s talk about the way Google Pay customer support helpline number you can get help from Google Pay customers care.

How to Contact Google Pay Customer Care

There are mainly three ways to get help from Google Pay customer care, in such a way, you can contact Google Pay customer support in many ways.

With Google Pay customer care, you can contact Google Pay customer support tollfree number, apart from this you can make a Call Request from the Google Pay app itself or you can chat, whose information will be found below.

Google Pay Toll-Free Helpline Number

You can talk to Google Pay customer care by calling direct from toll-free number 1800-419-0157 from Google Pay Help Support and resolve any issue.

Request a Callback from Google Pay Customer Support

To request a call back from Google Pay, you have to follow 4 steps, then you will call Google Pay customer care yourself.

  1. First of all, you have to open your Google Pay App.
  2. After opening the app, click on it will be setting up or button.
  3. After clicking on Setting, click on Help and Feedback.
  4. After that you click on Request a callback, then you will get a call from Customer care immediately.

After the call, you will tell your problems to the team member and Google Pay Customer support will help you.

Chat Support from Google Pay

As I have told you about the callback above, following the steps in the same way, you will get a chat with Google Pay customers care. Where I told you to click on the callback, you will see the option of Chat at the same place. You can chat with Customer Support from there.

What Time Can You Talk to Google Pay Customer Care

Tell you what time you can issue to talk to Google Pay customer support. You will also get to know at what time customer support is available.

Google Pay English Language Support: If you want to speak English with customer care of Google Pay then tell you that customer support is available 24 hours a week, seven days a week.

Google Pay Hindi Language Customer Support: If you want to support in Hindi, then it is also available 24 hours a week, seven days a week, you can talk to Google Pay customer care whenever you want.

Note: Do not share any type of information on any unknown call or SMS, Email. This can be a case of cheating for you. Google Pay never asks for such information from its customers.

In particular, your login ID, password, UPI PIN, CVV, OTP should never be shared with others.


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